Membership Committee

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More and more institutions continue to join the ranks of an AIRI Membership like yours. As you may agree, AIRI is a unique organization with many useful resources of information, networking, and mutual support. Through the connections of our Washington Office, the annual meeting, bi-annual IT summits, AIRI listservs, AIRI.ORG, the annual compensation survey, and more – you have access to a variety of relevant tools and resources for you and your colleagues.
To join AIRI, institutes apply for membership and provide information to be reviewed, with the hope of acceptance. The review process is extensive and is handled by our membership committee. Their role is to review an applicant’s bylaws, mission, financial records, and more to ensure they meet the membership criteria. Throughout the year, the committee reviews and makes recommendations to the AIRI Board for regular and provisional memberships, and has been very active in recent years.
We’d like to acknowledge our membership committee for all of their work and commitment. The committee is under the incredible leadership of our chair, Sophia A. Darling. Sophia serves as Vice President Finance & Operations, Chief Operating Officer / Chief Financial Officer at the Boyce Thompson Institute.
In addition to Sophia, we’d like to thank the following members:
  1. Adam Carter, Senior Manager, Sponsored Projects & Administration, The Jackson Laboratory
  2. Van Cherington, PhD, Director, Science Administration, The Wistar Institute
  3. Paul Debbie, MBA, Director of Technology Transfer and Licensing, Boyce Thompson Institute
  4. Angelyn Griffing, Manager, Sponsored Projects, Texas Heart Institute
  5. Rajiv Ratan, MD, PhD, Executive Director, Burke Medical Research Institute
  6. Lari C. Russo, AIRI President, Chief Financial Officer, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  7. Vicki Shambaugh, MA, MPH, Executive Director, Director, R&D, Pacific Health Research and Education Institute
  8. Cary E. Thomas, MBA, CMA, AIRI Past President, Chief Information Officer, The Scripps Research Institute
Click here if you are interested in getting more involved in AIRI, please consider to “taking the step” and joining the membership committee by replying to this email. Also, if you know of an institution that might want to join, please send any contact information here.
Many thanks to these volunteers for all of their efforts in making AIRI strong and relevant.