Membership Criteria & Dues Structure

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The Association of Independent Research Institutes (AIRI) is an association dedicated to high-quality biomedical and behavioral research whose mission is to assure and enhance the ability of its members to improve human health and advance knowledge. In recruiting new members, the Membership Committee will utilize the following criteria:
  • Membership is open to any bona fide non-profit independent research institute dedicated to excellence in biomedical and behavioral research, or in other research areas identified by the Board of Directors which have as a principal purpose the conduct of such research and meets such other criteria as the Board of Directors may from time to time establish. An applicant shall be admitted to membership in the Corporation upon an affirmative vote of a majority of the Board of Directors.  From time to time the Board of Directors may grant Affiliate status to an institution that may benefit from association with the Corporation but does not fully meet the criteria established by the board for membership.
  • Organization must have its own board of directors. The majority of the board members may not be appointed by another organization/parent board.
  • Applicant institute must be incorporated in its own right and have its own audited financial statements.
  • Applicant must be able to accept grants in its own name, rather than its grant support having to come through another (parent) organization.
  • Organization must be an identifiable institute, not merely a fiscal conduit that lacks its own employees, administrative staff, and/or sign over the door.
  • Institute investigators must cite the name of the application institution on their peer-reviewed publications.


Membership dues are based on your annual revenue as reported on an institute's most recent Form 990, line 12:
  • Category 1:  $7,500 (Greater than or equal to $20M)
  • Category 2: $4,500 (Greater than or equal to $10M, but less than $20M)
  • Category 3: $3,000 ($6M but less than $10M)
  • Category 4: $1,500 ($2M but less than $6M)
  • Category 5: $625 (Less than $2M)